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Past Business Owner now have Social Security Disability

As a small business owner I can tell you that is extremely hard to provide insurance that not only business owners but our employees can afford. Even employers with the best intentions, can hardly afford to successfully run a profitable business (Profitable enough for the owners to live as middle[…]

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Health Care For All: From Birth to Death

As a nurse with almost 37 years of experience, I advocate for safe, affordable, quality health care for all Americans. In working with Head Start Programs, I observed children and families with many health care needs. In working with adults at all stages of life, I saw many health care[…]

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Doctors not accepting Medicare

I became eligible for Medicare last year, and went for my yearly gynecology appointment. I was told that my gynecologist of 30 years does not accept Medicare. I was shocked & devastated. I have no gynecologist now, because the only ones that accept Medicare are men, and I don’t like[…]

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Prescription denial by insurance companies

I am a 54 year old female who has suffered with severe pain for more than 10 years. I have kidney and liver disease that cannot be corrected without transplant. At this time that is not an option because both the kidneys and the liver are functioning well. My primary[…]

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Opiod pain medication saved my life!!

I keep hearing the bad stories regarding opiod pain pills and I think its time we all heard the benefits of pain medication and how it has improved my outlook on life and how my life is now better than ever. I have a bulging disc, arthritis in my lower[…]

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