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Past Business Owner now have Social Security Disability

As a small business owner I can tell you that is extremely hard to provide insurance that not only business owners but our employees can afford. Even employers with the best intentions, can hardly afford to successfully run a profitable business (Profitable enough for the owners to live as middle class citizens) and provide good insurance for their employees and themselves. It is a terrible situation. There should be some type of large group businesses can join to make insurance more affordable.

Now, I no longer have my business, but I have social Security Disability. While I was way younger than 62 when I got SSD, I was not able to get any kind of supplemental insurance to help out with my many medical costs. It is also very difficult to find Drs that will take Medicare. Medicare alone is not enough to help maintain your health as it should be. You are supposed to have a check up annually, but if the Dr finds anything wrong or you mention anything that is wrong, then it is coded as some other kind of visit than just an annual visit so the cost can be significantly more.

Also, almost everyone of us will have some type of pre-existing condition during our life time. Insurers must cover pre existing conditions for those who become fragile and in need of good care.

I honestly believe that congress should have the same health care that all of us are able to get. If they understood what our problems were with healthcare then they would vote very differently. Most of the people I know who have any knowledge of congressional health benefits feel the same way. It is outrageous that they get such premium healthcare, when they have the power to decide on our healthcare to a very large degree.