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Opiod pain medication saved my life!!

I keep hearing the bad stories regarding opiod pain pills and I think its time we all heard the benefits of pain medication and how it has improved my outlook on life and how my life is now better than ever. I have a bulging disc, arthritis in my lower back and hips, I have bone on bone knee caps and before pain medication and pain mgmt came into my life I was suffering tremendously, couldnt get out of bed and was close to ending my life due to pain. Then, a friend recommended I go to pain mgmt as it saved her life and made her painfree so I did. Now, I roll out of bed at the crack of dawn pain free, happy with life and just loving life wirhout pain. Ive been on pain pills for ten years, have not progtessed to heroin or any other drug and never over took my meds and wouldnt dream of sharing them with anyone !!!! If you were to take my meds away from me I would end up bedridden and miserable in pain. I do not take pain meds to get high. I take pain meds to be pain free. The low lifes who are looking for a buzz take heroin. Pain meds do not make u want to take heroin. This is such an untrue belief. Pain meds have saved my life, make me a happy and productive member of our society so please dont take them away from deserving patients My life is now PAIN
F R E E…thank you