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Narcan means Mandatory Treatment

Dear Legislator, Why not an act law that requires any individual that required Narcan to reverse the effects of opioid overdose to receive mandatory drug treatment. Opioid addicts are in precipitated withdrawal when dosed with Narcan. They are very sick and require medical supervision. This is the best time to[…]

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Jeremy’s Story

My 23 yr old son Jeremy Cooper died on 3-25-16 from a Heroin Overdose that was laced with Fentanyl. Jeremy had been clean for 3 months. Before that he got treatment at an outpatient facility that treated opioid addiction with a medication called Methadone. Since Jeremy had no insurance, it[…]

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Virginia Opiod Crisis/The Other Side

Dear representative, please don’t punish those who are chronically ill and in constant pain from autoimmune diseases for which there are no cures. My daughter who is disabled has suffered from Behcets Disease for 20 years. She is seeing a Pain Mgmt. doctor who os very good at regulating and[…]

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I have a lot of

I have a lot of health issues don’t have any health insurance i have tried to get help medicade and disability but in va. if your not leaglly blind or 62 or 65 years old you get nothing to me when you are disabled you are no matter what age[…]

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