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A Dance With the Devil

Our 27 yr old son has struggled with a substance use disorder since he was 12 to 15 yrs old. He is currently incarcerated after a horrible downward spiral these past six months…he has become emotionally and verbally abusive and I believe uses synthetic drugs so he can pass a[…]

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My son on heroin

My son is sitting in the Roanoke Salem jail now, and the court appointed attorney says the assistant commonwealth attorney does not want to help my son. Was in drug court, and kicked off for taking suboxone, given 3 years..2 he spent in regional, no help, no training, nothing. Then[…]

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Healthcare For The Elderly

My mother is 83 years old. She has to work at kroger bagging ..Just to pay for her medicine. We looked into a policy so she could retire. But she can’t afford to. She should not have to worry about paying for her medicine at her age.This is America. Shame,[…]

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