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Health Care Costs are Driven by a Number of Factors

The outlines of the Affordable Care Act replacement from House Republicans is starting to emerge but without a broad consensus. Whether this comes with any agreement from Senate Republicans and/or the Trump Administration remains to be seen. In other words, this is going to be a very difficult process with[…]

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Can Republicans Fix the ACA Before it Collapses?

There is entirely too much going on in Washington these days to get a handle on what one can reasonably expect to happen with changes – repeal, replace, or repair – the Affordable Care Act. Just look at the most recent stories The IRS is not going to check tax[…]

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Here We Go Again.

Here we go again. As Jim VandeHei writes in the awesome new newsletter that he and Politico’s Mikey Allen founded called Axios, the Democrats are turning health care anger on the Republicans. VandeHei writes that Republicans should be worried. And he’s right. As Bob Herman writes in the same newsletter[…]

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It’s Only Our Health Care…

It’s hard to realize that we are only two weeks into the new Trump Administration – it feels like six months of activity jammed together. If the message of his campaign was to shake things up – President Trump has clearly done that. This Super Bowl Sunday morning on Meet[…]

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