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Can Republicans Fix the ACA Before it Collapses?

There is entirely too much going on in Washington these days to get a handle on what one can reasonably expect to happen with changes – repeal, replace, or repair – the Affordable Care Act.

Just look at the most recent stories

The IRS is not going to check tax returns to see if the individual mandate is being purchased.

And then this story in Politico states that Republicans are considering increasing spending on Medicaid before they make the changes that Republicans ultimately have indicated they want to make by sending Medicaid back to the States.

Then of course there is the private insurance market decisions following the failed mega mergers of Aetna/Humana and Cigna/Anthem which was followed with the news of Humana pulling out of the ACA Exchanges in 2018. This, of course, follows the news of United Health pulling out of the ACA earlier this year.

Republicans in Congress seemed determined to fix/replace/do something with the Affordable Care Act. The question is quickly becoming will it be in time to save it from collapse?