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It’s Only Our Health Care…

It’s hard to realize that we are only two weeks into the new Trump Administration – it feels like six months of activity jammed together.

If the message of his campaign was to shake things up – President Trump has clearly done that.

This Super Bowl Sunday morning on Meet the Press, Chuck Todd asked Speaker of the House Paul Ryan what was the House of Representatives’ plan for the Affordable Care Act. The Speaker calmly said that they would not cut around the margins of the ACA and would instead repeal and replace the entire law.

Ryan declared the law in a state of failure and that it would be irresponsible to try to fix it.

Of course, our democratic republic has two chambers in the federal legislature and the Senate might not go that far which would likely set up a committee of conference to pass a final bill.

How long that will take is anyone’s guess but it appears to be happening sooner rather than later.

One thing is for certain, the proponents of the ACA will not go quietly into the night, but they too know the status quo is not politically acceptable.

Ok. You get that. Probably have for awhile.

The problems for state and local governments, as well as businesses with group policies and individuals will continue to live and function, albeit frustratingly for many, under the current ACA laws.

The longer this process is dragged out, the less likely it will be that a meaningful bill gets passed by the Congress and signed into law.

No worries, right? It’s only our health care….