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What Do Health Care Changes Mean for Virginia? It’s Complicated.

This morning’s front page of the Richmond Times Dispatch features an in depth look at the possible impact to Virginia should the federal government decide to change the Medicaid funding model.   Virginia’s upcoming elections will be the first real test by the public as to their thoughts about how[…]

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Health Care Policy: It’s Personal.

This weekend marked the fourth anniversary of my mother’s passing. In November of 2015, I moderated a panel discussion sponsored by the Mercatus Center that discussed the future of health care. To start the conversation, I told the audience of the experience my family had during my mother’s stroke, helicopter[…]

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Let’s Get a Win, Virginia.

In my November 15th op-ed in the Richmond Times Dispatch, I suggested that we – the broader we – need to get a win in health care policy. A week later, Governor McAuliffe declared a Public Health Emergency on opioid addiction. This supported what the Virginia Consumer Healthcare Alliance (VCHA)[…]

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Virginia, We Have A Problem.

In the 1995 movie Apollo 13, Tom Hanks made “Houston, we have a problem…” a part of our cultural lexicon. Twenty-one years later Virginia’s Governor Terry McAuliffe announced that State Health Commissioner, Marissa Levine, declared on November 21st that the opioid addiction crisis in Virginia was a “Public Health Emergency.”[…]

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