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Here We Go Again.

Here we go again.

As Jim VandeHei writes in the awesome new newsletter that he and Politico’s Mikey Allen founded called Axios, the Democrats are turning health care anger on the Republicans.

VandeHei writes that Republicans should be worried. And he’s right.

As Bob Herman writes in the same newsletter that health insurance companies, no small lobbying group in their own right, want to keep the mandates and subsidies.

My instinct is to warn the Democrats, insurers, and anyone else trying to bring a political fight to the GOP on this one – be careful what you wish for; you might just get a raging Republican response, and they will let it collapse under its own weight.

Yes, there are some in Republican circles who would be just as happy to let the GOP become Obamacare’s DNR – Do Not Resuscitate.

As much as every incoming administration overreaches so too can the opposition overreach.

This would be a good time for some thoughtful legislators to come together and start leading on plan to actually fix this major problem.

The question is will a very divided electorate let that happen – after all, legislators are by definition representatives and not leaders.