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A real matter of life and death.

On September 14, 2015 my husband suffered a massive stroke that left him with both significant physical disabilities as well as communication disabilities due to aphasia. As a result he lost his job and our family lost our health insurance. He needs help with all of his everyday activities and[…]

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Suffering & no life because of chronic pain.

I suffer from chronic pain. I have neurapthy, shingles osteoporosis, arthritis, RA and I’m almost sure I have fibromyalgia..I don’t have a life because of chronic pain…And I can’t get pain meds because of the idiots taking it wrong . That’s not my fault but I pay for it and[…]

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Heroin has taken my son

My son started taking drugs in college to cope. He has a genius IQ, is very talented and has one year of college left. He became a slave of heroin as it is cheaper than pills. He is sitting in jail now awaiting his fate. No mention of his addiction[…]

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support treatment for opioid addicts

I am aware, first hand, of a number of young adults who have become addicted to opioids after having been prescribed them for pain. Many have died. IV heroin use is the path many addicts tend to take once doctors and pharmacies no longer prescribe to them. Every addict I[…]

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I am chemically dependent it

I am chemically dependent it started when I get in my father’s prescription medicine. I’m working a methadone program and thank goodness for that the only problem is I don’t have insurance. It cost me $420 a month and I am struggling to pay that and child support and put[…]

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