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A real matter of life and death.

On September 14, 2015 my husband suffered a massive stroke that left him with both significant physical disabilities as well as communication disabilities due to aphasia. As a result he lost his job and our family lost our health insurance. He needs help with all of his everyday activities and I am his full time caretaker. Because of the ACA we were able to buy a silver plan with the help of subsidies for $44 a month. This has been a lifesaver, and I mean that quite literally. Without health insurance we would have never been able to afford this past year’s worth of physical, speech, and occupational therapy. We would have never been able to afford the numerous Doctor and specialist visits, the botox that he needs in his immobile arm that keeps his pain down to a tolerable level, and the medication that he needs to survive.
Due to his stroke he has trouble swallowing and as a result of this he is prone to bouts of aspiration pneumonia. His last hospital visit alone totaled almost $30,000. We paid nothing because we already hit his $600 maximum out of pocket expense.
We cried on election night and every day since. We are absolutely terrified of losing our insurance and the subsidy that helps us afford it. We are horrified that not only my husband, but also our 12 year old son may become uninsurable because of a genetic heart condition once ACA is repealed. At a time where we should be focusing on his recovery we spend our days scared to death for our future.
None of the plans that the Republicans are floating around have offered any solace. I’ve heard plenty of ways that they’re going to cut PP, Medicaid and subsidies to give tax breaks to the rich, but I’ve yet to hear any acceptable plans for people like us.
Throwing people with preexisting conditions like my husband into a high risk pool, where premiums are sky high and coverage is dirt low, is not an acceptable plan.
Getting rid of minimum coverage requirements so they can stick those of us who can’t afford premiums on a catastrophic plan and call us insured is not a reasonable replacement!
Offering health savings accounts to people who pinch pennies is not a plan!
Cutting funding for Medicaid and Planned Parenthood is not a plan!