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Virginia Opiod Crisis/The Other Side

Dear representative, please don’t punish those who are chronically ill and in constant pain from autoimmune diseases for which there are no cures. My daughter who is disabled has suffered from Behcets Disease for 20 years. She is seeing a Pain Mgmt. doctor who os very good at regulating and overseeing her medications. Because some government official decided that she was taking too much opiates, she now has to take Methadone which causes her more pain, it’s more addictive and harder to come off of. All of this because of those who abuse drugs. You have thrown out the baby with the bathwater. You are causing more pain and suffering to those who play by the rules. You are playing God with people’s lives. People who are already have a hard life dealing with diseases. Cancer is a horrible disease but it isn’t the only one. I don’t believe taking opiates away from those who suffer a great deal of pain will accomplish your goal of lowering the death rate of those who overdose. They will get the drugs, even if they get them illegally. The ones who play by the rules are the ones who suffer.