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Moved to VA, found out I had Cancer

ICancer I came to VA to help my father who has Parkinson’s and Dementia. I tried to restart my heal5h care but was told I had to wait. With no insurance I had to go to the Free Clinic who started my multiple meds
I am a Diabetic on insulin and have had Lymphoma twice, AML Leukemia a stroke after tx for AML, and a Bone Marrow Transplant so I was on several meds. They also checked out a lump I had found in my Breast and sent me straight to the Surgeon who sent me straight to the Oncologist. 6 months later I have been referred to a Surgeon and Oncologist at the UVA. On the same day I got my appts I got a call from the Financial office wanting to know how I was going to pay for this. I can’t get as I have Medicare part A, which to them means I’m Covered. So I can be an b inpatient in the hospital but can’t see a Dr. I got Medicare part D with financial help because I am on Soc Sec Disability which was Wonderful! But when I went to refill my meds, they told me the NP at the Free Clinic can’t write Medicare prescriptions. As near as I can tell moving to Virginia from California is going to kill me sooner rather than later. How is it I had a real Dr, total care, all my meds Covered, but coming to VA who doesn’t seem to be able to connects the dots is going to be the death of me. With advanced Breast Cancer we are racing the clock before I get Mets. I am at Stage IIIB. It only goes to IV. Then you are considered incurable and you will die. I need help. Now.