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My nephew is 34 years old. He was raised in a loving Christian home and he is a good person with a big heart. He hurt his back at work and the doctor put him on OXYCONTIN. Yes, the drug of choice by the doctors these days. They seem to be distributing it like candy, even though they must know of its consequences. When my nephew’s prescription ran out, the doctor wouldn’t give him a refill. At which time, he was already addicted to this hideous drug. So he went to the streets to get it…which led him to heroin because it is easier to get and cheaper than OXY. My nephew went through his entire inheritance (another sad story), stole and pawned my sisters wedding rings, and stole her check book. He then started stealing copper tubing to sell in order to get the money for his fix. This behavior led him to the past 4 years in a state correction facility. When he gets out, he will have a hard time finding a job because he is labeled a ‘felon’. I am afraid he will get depressed again and give up. I can also tell you he is deathly afraid himself of coming out of prison and staying clean, because it is everywhere. Something needs to be done about this epidemic. Programs need to be put in place to help these people who become addicted. OXYCONTIN needs to be taken OFF THE MARKET!!!!!