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Chronic Pain Advocate

I have lived with Chronic Pain since November 1998. I was T-boned by a Druken driver & 18 years later I continue to live in Chronic Neck Pain. I am able to function under the care of EVMS Pain Management & Percocet. My quality of life of being able to function most normal daily tasks. I have good days & bad days as most Chronic pain sufferes do. I am addicted physically & know that from continued use of Percocet. I am not addicted Psychologically.
If you take away the medicine rhat gives me quality of life as it does others. Well I see a life of less enjoyable moments of Family & Friends that is the core of our lives. I realise the Opiod epidemic our state as well as our Nation how effects our Communities & their loved ones.
I had “had” a so called friend who is on Medicade & Abuses the system horrifically. Turned away from Several Area Emergency Rooms for “Drug Seeking Behavior” yet still is given prescriptions of Opoids to abuse.
Please don’t deny those of us who take the medications to function on a somewhat normal life.
Instead Redmark those who Dr Shop or has been through numerous Pain Mgt. Facilities. They are the ones that make this epidemic. Educate healthcare workers & Doctors to Recognize the true signs of Addiction Pscyhological Addiction. Drug Seeking behaviors! All the checks & balances of counting pills randomly as well as urine screening. No patient other then cancer patients should receive more then a month supply of Pain meds until they’re proven to be valid before their Caregivers & Drs. I went through this & am allowed a 3 month supply after 3 month follow ups. Continue to with go pill counts & urine screens. Because I want Quality of Life. Thank you for the opportunity to speak on the behalf of Chronic Pain Sufferers.