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A wasted life

My nephew was One of the sweetest and kindest young men you would ever meet. He graduated at the top of his class at UVA. He taught school in France, then returned to the states to attend law school in Richmond at VCU. It was here became an user. He did graduate law school top of his class yet again. He could Play any musical instrument you placed into his hand, he was on the radio show, and he was part of the UVA klezmer band as well as a band in Richmond. This young man had so much to give the world and that is what his life cycle was; to help the underprivileged, The poor, and those who cannot help themselves. Yet he cannot help himself. He attempted suicide and after going into rehab came home. drug dealers want you to use just one time, one more time. You are their investment and when they continue to leave drugs on your front porch, it’s very hard to turn away. He lived alone, with all of his family living an hour away. No matter what you do you could take it away from The user. You cannot take away that addiction. I will not repeat the circumstance of his death, but I will say he wanted addiction to end, and with that being said, he may have used that one last time, but he also made sure he would never use again. Answer the phone at nine, at 3 AM but not at 6 AM. 7:30 AM when his father got there, The shades were drawn, the house key was gone from its usual spot on the porch and doors were locked. The police did not allow him to come inside or to see him once he knew he was gone because it was so horrific. He came from the perfect home, perfect parents Who doted on he and his sister. He was sent to the best schools, and yes he was loved. He wanted so desperately to save everyone else but becoming an attorney and yet he could not save himself. A wasted life. No matter what background you come from, which poor black white pink purple, addiction clinches on to anyone and everyone it can. How do I know this? Because I too was a drug addict for two years, and I too wEnt to rehab. Cocaine is not powerful as heroin I am told, my rehab program was three years. And it took three years to stay away and not look back into the blackness of that horrible life. Something has to be done in this and every state to end this nightmare and safe t every state to end this nightmare and save our nephews nieces brothers sisters cousins children mothers and fathers before it’s too late