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What Do Health Care Changes Mean for Virginia? It’s Complicated.

This morning’s front page of the Richmond Times Dispatch features an in depth look at the possible impact to Virginia should the federal government decide to change the Medicaid funding model.


Virginia’s upcoming elections will be the first real test by the public as to their thoughts about how Republicans are doing in their efforts to repeal or amend the Affordable Care Act.

Throughout the article, one reads that both parties have “fear” about the changes to the health care funding for the most vulnerable Virginians –  the poor.

Delegate Steve Landes (R-Augusta) summed it up well: “Do they understand the unique situation that Virginia has?”

There are a lot of changes being proposed to health care from HSAs to cross state line insurance purchasing to – recently offered by President-elect Donald Trump – universal health insurance for everyone.

The health care system and its financing are very complicated – to say the least. Perhaps the best course of action would be to start with making it as easily understood as possible.

That would help restore trust in our government and by extension our health care industry.