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Not An Easy Political Time

The first week of the Trump Administration was – to say the least – active.

Very active.

And so were the fluctuations in President Trump’s polling.

Gallup has Approval/Disapproval at – 9 while Rasmussen has Trump at +10.

We all know that the polls were wrong in predicting the outcome of the 2016 election, but what matters for the new administration is whether or not they can get the votes they need to pass their agenda.

Central to that agenda is addressing the electorate’s concerns with the Affordable Care Act. House Republicans over the weekend had their concerns leaked to the press by someone posing as a spouse at their retreat.

Meanwhile, Democrats are working hard to get more people to sign up which would make full repeal less politically appealing.

Clearly, there is no consensus as to what should happen to fix the many problems with the ACA let alone whether or not the new president will be able to scrape together the votes to pass them.

Meanwhile, every insurer, doctor, health care provider, and consumer are waiting to see how those changes will affect them.

This is not an easy political time and how the American public responds to the Washington DC shake up from this administration is the real test.