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Life wasted and missing

I’m 54 my story is long to break it down i list one son to jail 18 years because adults wanted to make money the first man had a wife dying of cancer she was on oxycotin he gave my 15 to these until addicted then said pay me so my son needed money the next man hated me a neighbor so he helped my son sell dope.i say down after with my son and this man made about 100,000 using my son. Well my son’s habit should of looked him 3 car accidents and a habit that was horrible 200 yes 200 bags just to wake up then more during the day. He went to jail cause someone else bought his dope and have it to a friend who was drunk and on pills the kid hit his head had a concussion and died.the kid who gave it to him swore my son gave it to the kid who died and well they were rich I’m poor so my son is in jail but alive. My other son started using during this time and her used a needle stold every cent i had and toward the last week of life is saw his veins they were horrible.i had him in detox ten times plus in juvie jail so we tried to save him the disease was bad.the dope didn’t kill him his friend driving high killed him but if believe he would of died anyway. Now me i lived in pain my entire life yet the doctor’s never believed me they said depression i to young yet it finally had surgery and also had a friend who watched me to and move because they moved into my house it was a good feeling to have someone believe me but anyway i found doctors who gave me oxys for money not because it was pain never understood why no one believed me i couldn’t walk until it was 4 a and still had problems. Anyway I’m had oxys morphine fentanyl patches then insurance went crazy i had none one month then 2 months the doctor cost 200. And the meds cost another couple hundred i didn’t have that kind of money well in knew it was addicted by now and i knew the pain was bad so if tried dope it was cheap and it worked i went to that until insurance came back but now I’m knew that dope worked better do u get my script and just eat them like candy cause finally i didn’t hurt i could do normal stuff like clean the house but it knew it had to get better i was in detox maybe ten times.i would leave the place some times and as i drove out the driveway i was popping my pills cause the pain was bad. Then one of the last time before going on Suboxone i tried to stay clean but the 3rd week it went into withdrawals again. Seems a small amount of people this happens to is was off the stuff but my brain needed it i ended up in the hospital because i couldn’t stop vomiting for 14 hours so when it got home from 3 days in the hospital i started to use again.the next time I’m went off drugs i tried Suboxone i tried that 4 or 5 times and it still didn’t work.finally i gave in i tried methadone i figured I’m going to solve my pain issues and get my life back and it saved me.problem. BIG. PROBLEM here where u live in drive close to 2 hours for a clinic 20 in gas and the first 3 months you go every day and my Medicare Medicare is not accepted at 15.50 a day my income is gone.i can’t have cable wifi or phone lost my car insurance is sit and do nothing is have no money.we need to have clinics in the area and funds for people to use them this area is poor people want to get better but when it cost so much they can’ almost a year clean from all the other stuff but my pain isn’t to bad i can manage because methadone saved me but how long can i afford this way if life my income goes totally for the medication and transportation.