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Destroyed Lives

My family always had the best insurance through my husbands jobs- when he made a job change to the NNSY – june 21 2010- we had great insurance – medical- dental and eyes- unfourtantly my husband drowned on June 4. 2011 and since he had not been employed for a year – we lost all insurance – I tried to keep the dental and eye insurance but could not afford the medical and soon after had to let the other go as well – life has been a struggle – no coverage for anything – teeth issues – the kids – I have 6 – just use whatever they had at the time or do without – I struggle to make doctor payments enough to allow us to get necessary medicines like high blood pressure – anxiety and depression caused by not only my husbands drowning but my dad dying 3 months later – my son almost dying of an overdose – they had to freeze him and then slowly warm him back up – another daughter who her dad drowned a week before she turned 18 and graduated from high school was introduced to herion and after over dosing and almost dying 3 times -we have finally after jail time gotten her on the implant that we can only do because of the cost because a dear friend is paying for it and it has turned get life around – but with no insurance I fight a daily ear infection . And cannot afford to get treatment – I do without anything other than the bare neccesities because I can’t afford them and my kids although all above the age of 18 have many issues because of the past – we just suffer and do without when j see others getting quality care and we just have to suffer because we fall through the cracks as they say hurts- my daughter that I spent thousands of dollars on her teeth when we had coverage and my husband – I was a stay at home mom- braces – implants due to being born without her adult wisdom teeth etc now has cavities on her front teeth and no money to correct this – so sad she may now loose this tooth and she is 23. Trying to find a job but must do not provide health care – I can’t even get widow benifits until I turn 60 in Virginua – been one now for 6 years but not according to the govt. And I’m about to lose my house – the only thing I have left – I’m tired and I cry a lot but I know I’m not alone . Thank you – Kay Harwood