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I support expanding healthcare coverage in Virginia

Dear Senator,

Right now, a conservative entitlement reform proposal to increase access to healthcare in Virginia is pending in the General Assembly. As a voter and constituent, I strongly urge you to vote “yes” on this issue.

So far, 32 states have expanded healthcare coverage. But, because Virginia has not done so, taxpayers like me are watching our hard-earned dollars get sent to those states, instead of staying right here to help our hard-working friends, family, and neighbors. In fact, Virginia is losing an estimated $5 million each day by declining to expand healthcare coverage. That just doesn’t make sense.

Hard-working Virginians need healthcare coverage. When they can’t access it, it ends up costing all of us in the form of higher insurance rates. That hurts, taxpayers, businesses, and the state economy. Increasing coverage access will support thousands of good-paying jobs, generate millions in economic activity, and, most importantly, ensure that our fellow Virginians can live healthier, more productive lives.

The conservative healthcare plan in front of you has been developed by Virginia Republicans for Virginians. It protects state finances and brings our tax dollars back to the Commonwealth to help people here. It is a compromise that has won bipartisan support. The plan is conservative entitlement reform with personal responsibility rules on work and healthy behavior. It works for Virginia. It’s the plan we need.

I sincerely hope you will vote to expand healthcare coverage in Virginia.

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