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Sign Our Petition: Fight Big Insurance Abuses

Big insurance companies keep raising premiums on businesses and families while raking in record profits and scaling back on covered services for patients. This has to stop. The VCHA is calling elected leaders to take action to rein in big insurance companies. Help us by signing our petition asking Virginia[…]

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Job-Based Health Insurance Costs Are Up 4% This Year, 55% in Past Decade

This article originally appeared in Kaiser Health News Health insurance costs for Americans who get their coverage through work continued a relentless march upward with average family premiums rising 4% to $21,342 this year, according to a study published Thursday. The annual survey by KFF found workers on average are paying nearly[…]

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Virginia’s largest insurance company cut reimbursement rates. Some doctors say primary care will suffer.

This article originally appeared in the Virginia Mercury One of Virginia’s largest insurance companies is lowering reimbursement rates for nurse practitioners and physician assistants amid the COVID-19 pandemic — a move that many doctors say will hurt already struggling primary care practices. Clark Barrineau, assistant vice president of government affairs[…]

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