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Kaine talks with students about health care’s uncertain future

This article originally appeared in The Roanoke Times. Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine on Monday told students in Roanoke that he doesn’t care whether it’s called replace, repair or reform, just as long as something immediately follows repeal of the Affordable Care Act and offers access to all. Kaine, a Democrat,[…]

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Will Obamacare Repeal Get Back On Track? (And Other Stories)

This article originally appeared on Will Obamacare repeal get back on track? This week gives Republicans a chance to try to recover from last week’s stumbles, which included a GOP retreat that didn’t produce any clear consensus on an Obamacare replacement plan — but did produce a leaked recording[…]

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What we know and don’t know about Trump’s healthcare plans

This article originally appeared in The Hill.  President Trump told Fox News last week that when it comes to ObamaCare, “we’re going to have a plan that’s going to be great for people.” What that plan will actually be, though, remains unclear. Trump has said that he will put forward an[…]

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House votes to begin Obamacare repeal process

This article originally appeared in the Washington Post.  Congress took its first step toward rolling back President Obama’s health care reform law Friday, with the House voting along party lines to pass key preliminary legislation. The measure, which was passed Thursday by the Senate, will allow Republicans to use special[…]

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The Cost of Full Repeal of the Affordable Care Act

This study was prepared by the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget. The Affordable Care Act (ACA), also known as “Obamacare,” includes a number of provisions to expand health care coverage, as well as several offsets that raise taxes and slow the growth of Medicare spending. According to our latest estimates,[…]

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