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VCHA Presents Video of 2017 Lieutenant Governor Candidate Discussing Healthcare

The Virginia Consumer Healthcare Alliance is committed to the belief that all Virginians deserve the opportunity to access quality, affordable health care. The Alliance includes people like you, as well as businesses, and health care organizations who share an interest in improving healthcare. We pursue that goal by providing you with factual information about our healthcare system, and by engaging in a rational, constructive dialogue focused on common sense solutions to these important issues.

To help facilitate that dialogue, the VCHA is proud to announce its new 2017 Virginia Election video series. We asked each of the major party statewide candidates to record their answers to three key questions. We’re pleased to say the six leading candidates for Governor, Lieutenant Governor, and Attorney General agreed to participate and share their answers. Our third video release features Lieutenant Governor nominee state Senator Jill Vogel (R). [Lieutenant Governor nominee Justin Fairfax (D) was invited to submit a video, but VCHA had not received it as of midday Nov. 1. We will update this page if a video is provided prior to Election Day.]* From now through Election Day (Nov. 7) we’ll publicly share videos provided by other statewide candidates through the VCHA website, Facebook, and Twitter.

(Videos featuring gubernatorial nominees Ed Gillespie (R) and Lt. Gov. Ralph Northam (D) can be viewed here, and videos featuring Attorney General nominees John Adams (R) and incumbent Mark Herring (D) can be see here.)
*VCHA’s public sharing of these videos does not signify an endorsement of any particular candidate or campaign. VCHA is sharing these videos to help inform the public about healthcare.

The three questions we asked:

  • What do you think is the toughest healthcare policy challenge facing our state government right now?
  • Insurance rates are rising. Pharmaceutical prices are soaring. And high deductible plans requiring more out-pocket spending by patients are the new normal. Given all this, please share one specific thing could you do as (Governor/Lieutenant Governor/Attorney General) to help lower health care costs for Virginians.
  • The epidemic of opioid abuse has been declared a public health crisis in Virginia. What specific steps would your administration take to address this growing problem?

Republican Lieutenant Governor nominee state Senator Jill Vogel

The VCHA is a nonpartisan coalition of people working to find common sense solutions to the challenges facing Virginia's health care system in a way that promotes access and affordability.

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